All Together Now

All Together Now Music is a nonprofit organization located in southern NJ dedicated to growing community and promoting ability through music.  

"where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Anderson

How music can help individuals with special needs:

  • Research supports the ability of music to improve memory, communication, and social skills
  • Music provides a fun and motivating way to tackle challenging or repetitive tasks
  • Singing and rhythm provide a way to help the pacing and articulation for speech that is difficult to understand
  • The inherent rhythmic patterns in music can provide a timing cue to improve motor skills.
  • Passion for music and performance provides opportunities for a lifelong way to use leisure time productively, cultivate talents, and socialize with others

The Music and Autism Connection:

  • Singing can be an in-road to promote early speech by helping children access new neurological pathways.

  • Music is at its core a structured way to present information.  Melodic and rhythmic patterns give students with autism a way to organize auditory information and help memorize scripts, task sequences, and academic facts.
  • Music can help individuals with autism make social and family connections through a mutual shared interest.
  • Music is a creative medium that can offer a motivating and safe way to explore more flexibility and spontaneity.